Best Off-piste ski resorts

Are you sat in your favourite ski resort, exhausted all the red and black runs and now don't know where to go? The next step is off-piste!!

Skiing off-piste is not easy and certainly not for the faint hearted. To ski off-piste you need a whole load of new skiing skills to take on the terrain of the mountains. Once you have the hang of this new adventure, it will open up so many opportunities. Take in the varied terrain, beautiful unseen scenery and the addictive nature, there will be no going back!


Best resorts for off piste ski holiday

Take a look below and choose from the list of resorts we think are Best for Off-Piste skiing. There are plenty to choose from.

Chamonix, France

Chamonix is well known for its fantastic off-piste ski areas. It has high peaks and a great quantity and quality of varied terrains to try out. The best way to get the most out of off-piste skiing is to hire a guide who can help you with where is best to ski and to make sure you do it safely.

The resort combines beautiful scenery and snow sure off-piste skiing, this is what makes it the ideal place to come. Chamonix has some challenging and steep routes for skiers from all over. You don't have to be really advanced to ski off-piste in Chamonix as there are some easily accessible sections between pistes.

Val d'Isere, France

Val d'Isere is full of endless off-piste skiing and snowboarding opportunities. On a good powder day there are plenty of places to head to. There are plenty of fast and easily accessible slopes and an excellent lift system so the off-piste skiing won't be hard to find or access.

Whenever you go off-piste always make sure you are prepared for everything. It is advisable to hire an off-piste guide as they will have extensive knowledge of both the area and the mountains.

Tignes, France

Tignes is a fairly large resort with lots of visitors each year. Becasue of this you'd think the snow would be used up in an instant. That's not the case here. There is plenty of stunning powder to go round everyone. On the Western side of the resort, away from the links to Val d'Isere there are many untracked snow to find. Hire an off-piste instructor and they will get you to this area.

For those who are daring enough there are plenty of hard core descents as well as short bits in between pistes. After you have mastered these there are some great mi-sized bowls to attempt.

Les Arcs, France

Les Arcs is a large resort which covers a vast area of untouched powder as it can't be reached via the lift system. It has a fantastic reputation for off-piste skiing. Many Alpine resorts don't take long to become tracked, unlike Les Arcs, it takes a very long time here.

The higher up you go, the more powder you will find. Grand Col is known as an off-piste playground. As this area is above 2500 m more fresh snow than the other resorts falls here, keeping it fresh and perfect to ski. There is a very flat section towards the bottom of the red run, make sure you prepare yourself for it.

Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier is certainly not for the faint hearted. The terrain here in Verbier is too busy, too steep and too bumpy for anyone that may be a bit hesitant. As it is busy, the fresh powder is used up by the free riders making it harder for the beginners to get to grips with.

Even though it is a busy resort, Verbier does have some amazing instructors and guides who can help you with your technique and how to tackle the varied terrain. Some of the most popular off-piste areas of Verbier include Col de Mines, Col de Mouches, Backside Mont Fort and Gentianes Tortin.

St Anton, Austria

St Anton is very much like Verbier, it has some tough terrains to get to grips with, mainly on the north face of the Valluga, right at the top of the ski area. If you head to the other side of the resort, you will discover some smoother slopes, this side of the valley is known as Rendl. This is a fantastic area for new off-piste skiers or those with less experience. It is still a good idea to have a little bit of experience if possible.

There are of guides and instructors who can take you out and teach you the basics and some important techniques. For those with more experience they can take you out onto the more tricky terrains.